Jumping Red Lights – in agony in Hamburg!

I was fortunate to find myself in Hamburg Germany for the Online Marketing Rockstars conference. I always pack my running gear, it’s the best way to get out and see a new city!

Ever since my Yorkshire 3 peaks attempt on Valentine’s Day (see blog post) my ankle is more painful than normal. I am basically always in low level pain with my ankle (read more). If I do some exercise or spend any length of time on my feet my ankle pain changes from a dull background pain to something like a throbbing head ache. The rule of thumb is for every 2 hours of exercise I do it results in 24 hours of more intense pain. I am generally able though to run it off unless its super cold. I remember getting told off by my PE teacher at school when we were on school camp in Snowdonia, we had just climbed Snowdon and I told the teacher my feet were done in – after running around in the evening I was accused of putting it on earlier!

The pain in my ankle has not eased up from the 14th of last month yet. I know that is partly to do with being FAT, I can always judge my weight by how quickly my ankle becomes painful. It must also have something to do with spending so long wearing my Salomon Ortholite Trail shoes, because of how cold it was the ground was pretty solid. I generally wear ON Cloud Runners with specially made orthotics for shorter road running or my trusty Hoka Ones (I go through a couple of pairs per year) which give me way the best support. In hindsight, I maybe have been better in the Hoka’s or even my walking boots on the 3 peaks.

So I have spent the best part of a month with what I can only describe as a throbbing head ache in my foot.

While running in Germany I experienced a whole new level of pain, which was akin to chronic tooth ache inside my ankle to the point I could not even put weight on it.

As a child, I used to see my surgeon a couple of time a year and was always told I could not damage my ankle further. In more recent years I have tried to get a medical opinion to no real avail, maybe I will go and see my GP again this week……….

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