Red Wine Route

Those of you that follow me on strava may have noticed that this is a reasonably regular running route of mine

Strava Link

I do love this short but remote route

You leave Langsett Barn carpark and run mainly downhill on a very well maintained footpath to the far end of the reservoir, you then start the route back by climbing up on to the moor and away from the water on a much rougher path, the top of the climb affords great views back down to the reservoir and the valley beyond. Arriving at the highest point the path sweeps downhill, a long and joyful descent back to the water’s edge. There’s a little kick up again and you are into the woods which are hugely muddy at this time of year, you burst out on to a farm track, pick up the road and finish by running over the dam itself and back to the car.

The other thing about this route is its super close to my best buddie’s house Alun & Jo. If I am running this route regularly it almost certainly means I am single. It seems to be the case that when I am single I go and stay at their house once a week and we have “fellowship group”, which always means a minimum of 2 bottles of red wine is drunk between us – so I have never actually run this route with a completely clear head. Maybe one day!

So, is it better to have a couple of glasses of wine and get a great night’s sleep? Or, is it better to not drink but sleep less well, or at least spend much longer trying to fall asleep? Before you pigeon hole me as being a functioning alcoholic this is purely a temporary state of mind and I am sure normal service will resume in a few months when I am back more in control!


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