London Marathon

What a truly amazing experience! The support was incredible.

I am sure you have better things to do with your time but this video is the whole course.

It was so humbling to see so many people overcoming personal challenges to prevail.
I think everyone has seen the support on the TV, but until you run round the 26.2 mile course you don’t truly understand how many thousands and thousands of people there are out on the course and for a huge amount of the time how many people deep.

I think my favourite point was running round the Cutty Sark; the support was phenomenal and it was not too far into the race so I didn’t feel too tired.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 22.05.20

I finished in 4 hours 59 Minutes and 41 Seconds in 29112 place!!!

As much as I constantly slowed down during the run I did feel ok all the way round. Going into the race I was hoping to complete within 4 and a half hours but three-quarters of the way round I realised that was going to be impossible and in the last 3k realised that 5 hours was in danger, so the last couple of kilometres were among the quicker ones, it was great to sprint down the Queens driveway to the finishing line. Strangely the last 250m is the least supported part on the course as the “posh” people in the grandstands have generally gone home by this point.


Thank you so much for so many messages of support and helping me raise £1,886.26 for Links International.

If you have ever considered running the London Marathon go for it. It truly is an amazing experience.

The ballot for next year’s event is open until Friday.

I have just entered again ……..


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