London Marathon Race Day

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Marathon Race Day Nerves

The build up to an ‘A’ race is always nerve wracking.  We all react differently to this stress.  Your body can’t distinguish between different types of stress.  As far as it’s concerned this is flight or fight!  So do calm things before big races.  Feet up.  Light reading.  Easy wandering about. Enjoy the race centre and the fantastic race ambiance.  CALM!

London runner floating along.JPGPaul is super strong and rarely gets injured so it was a bit of a shock to get a phone call from Hong Kong airport to report a knee pain.  By the time he landed at Heathrow we’d managed to get a physio appointment with Prosport physiotherapy in Huddersfield to get it checked out.  I find many people including myself get niggles just before races. It’s important to put a rational head on in these circumstances.  Will you do real damage if you compete?  If so DON’T RACE.  Luckily Paul has been given the okay.

London Marathon Race Tactics

Paul’s race tactics are to get behind a pacer and stick to them like glue.  These guys are paid to accurately pace the race.  Most people start too quickly.  Only a small amount over pace can put you in difficulties in the later stages because you’ve burned up your stored glycogen.  This means it’s not available when you really need it. In a marathon don’t make any effort till 20 miles.  Easy, super relaxed running.  Tuck in behind other runners to get a drafting advantage.  Anything to save energy.  The final 6 miles is the glory leg. You’re now warmed up for a 10km race.  Enjoy passing those runners who went off to fast.
I’ll beMarathon runners.JPG watching out for Paul on the course on Sunday.  The chances of seeing him are just above nil. It will be a great day.  Run fat boy run!

London Marathon is born

On a personal note.  London marathon day is always poignant. Aged 18 I helped at the finish of the World Orienteering Championships in Scotland.  My father was in charge of the finish and the timing.  One evening we were in the pub with Chris Brasher and John Disley the founders of the London marathon.  They an ambitious idea to organize a marathon in London with maybe 5,000 runners.  The finish and timing needed a safe pair of hands so they approached my Dad to do the job.  Unfortunately, his employer wouldn’t give him time off so, no free London marathon entries for me! This race is testimony to people with vision.

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