24 Hours to go ……

Well on route to London now. It has been a little touch and go over the last few days. On Tuesday I was getting off a ferry in Hong Kong and managed to hurt my knee which ended up being very painful for a few days. I went to see the magician Shane Mooney @ www.physiohuddersfield.co.uk, who told me it was a problem with the top of my leg where a muscle was not firing properly, 45mins of manipulation later the problem was drastically improved and I was given the all clear to run! Thank you Shane, you are a STAR!!!

On another note I am massively disappointed with myself in terms of being such a fat lad! I have not managed to lose any weight in the last six weeks so I am racing on Sunday at least a stone heavier than I should be at 99KG, YES 99KG which is disgraceful!

Finally, thank you so much to the many people that have sponsored me so far, your generosity means a lot to me and will make a difference in other people’s lives!


Check out my last run on strava

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