Taper for the London Marathon

Coach Dave Bradley Blog

Another week in paradise.  Ok.  China.  Paul has been posting some nice runs in Chinese parks this week.  All very easy.  Perfect taper runs.

02H40917.jpgExotic training opportunities

This gives an opportunity to comment on how training need not stop if you are a frequent traveler.  In fact it’s a great way to explore new towns and countries.  If I’m travelling in the UK I always pack my trainers, bike if possible, rollers, and swim kit.  You never know what opportunities might turn up.  Maybe a swim in the sea.  Canal towpaths are great places to run.  You can ride in new places and different terrain.  How I love to visit flat lands.  Makes a pleasant change from the steep Pennine hills at home.  The rollers are great for indoor training in hotel rooms if you can sneak your bike past the receptionist!   Paul has clocked up runs in Australia, USA and now China already this year.

 Taper for the London marathon02B83615.jpg

Tapering is all about giving your body a chance to recover.  This works best if you continue to train but at vastly reduced volume.  Short easy runs are the order of the day.  A word of warning you will probably feel tired and wonder if it’s doing you any good.  Persist and you will start to feel tip top ready for your big race.  Paul’s tapering has been excellent.  Unfortunately the long flights won’t be beneficial.

I’m off to see Paul at the London marathon this weekend.  Taking my kit so I can get in a few miles running to and from the race route.  Also might try to get in a Park Run on Saturday in Burgess park (pan flat).  If you keep an open mind there are always opportunities to train.

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