Dog Leads….

It’s getting close now.




Last few runs

Wednesday 7k @7:10/KM
Tuesday 9k @ 6:14/KM
Monday 6k @ 5:59/KM
Sunday 16k @6:38/KM
Saturday 9k @ 6:31/km



Maybe it’s my fault going running on a Sunday morning; maybe I should be in church.


Doing a Sunday morning lap of Pugnies & Newmillerdam you are bound to find people walking their dog, and yes they have every right to be there. 85% of dog walkers see me coming and pull their dog close so I can pass without being legged up by the lead. But the rest of the lunatics just idly let their dogs wander where they like on extendable leads. Runners beware; you take your life into your own hands and run the risk of getting your legs chopped off at the knees!

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