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One size doesn’t fit all

One size doesn't fit all

Have you noticed how everyone is different?  I used to work with dancers.  They would see a series of complex dance moves and then just do the dance.  A fabulous skill learned over many years.   Non dancers would struggle for hours before getting to grips with a routine.  The flip side was trying to get a dancer to learn some dialogue. Often this was outside their comfort zone and they found it difficult. It’s the same with triathletes.  Everyone has their strengths but some things don’t come naturally and we have to work hard to achieve the performance we want.

As a coach I find this endlessly fascinating.  Often what you’ve done as a kid really helps.  Junior swimmers can return to the pool later in life and soon regain their fitness.  Their swim technique never leaves.  At the track we can spot someone who has been a runner in their youth within them completing a few paces. Good technique and timing persist.

Note to parents.  Get your children competing in anything and everything.  It’s such an important part of their development. Join Wakefield Junior Triathlon Club for example

Paul missed out on the competition element of his sporting childhood.  He never got to ‘red line’ in cross country running, swimming galas and the like.  He did however learn endless fortitude.  Start him in a long race and he will stick at it with no thought of giving up.  Something very few people learned in their childhood and will regret when they tackle Ironman.

Learn to race

Nottingham Triathlon_0305_edited-1.png

Ok, the Paul’s Dewsbury Park run was slow.  A wonderful example of Level 2 running. Great training but not racing.  To achieve a good
time in London is still on the ca
rds.  Paul is fit.  We simply need to find a way to engage his fortitude but at a faster pace.  Luckily the good organisers of the London Marathon are going to provide us with the trick to do just that.  More later.

This week’s training focus

One week of hard training left.  Tapering then starts next week.  We will be trying reverse tapering.  Not out of choice but due to Paul’s work commitments. See next week’s blog

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