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Perfect training pace

Most of Paul’s training is completed at level 2 intensity (we use a 5 level scale derived from Bourg scales).  We’ve based his training paces on VDOT predictions and Paul has mainly hit the targets.  If we were using a MAF training pace with heart rate at 180 – age -5 which is a heart rate of 135 for Paul then this would also show he has been training at perfect pace for building long distance aerobic endurance.

Polarized training?

We use the principle of polarizTrack timinged training.  This is where most of Paul’s training load is at level 2.  Many people train too hard.  The belief that there is no gain without pain is a nonsense.  For years we’ve been conditioned by the fitness industry to train hard all the time.  The difference in training effect between Level 4/3 training and Level 2 is minuscule.  Except you don’t get injured, recover quicker and can ultimately do more training if you train at lower levels of intensity.  To my mind this is a no-brainer.

HOWEVER.  There is always a counter side.  As we approach races we have to do some tempo training at level 3 or above.  In fact, I like my athletes to do one or two hard sessions per week.  This is mainly to condition the mind for racing.  Paul can run faster but he has to believe he can push himself harder and still succeed.  The Lincoln Park Run breakthrough time was evidence of this.  You have to race to become good at racing.


This week’s training focus

It’s the last couple of hard weeks before London.  Paul is doing at least 5 runs.  I would like him to warm up on his lovely WATT bike before each run if possible.  This is because I’ve got in mind the switch to Ironman training as soon as London is achieved.  Hard efforts in each run (foot niggle permitting) will be good. Maybe a final Park Run this weekend.

Good News

Great to hear Paul’s Mum is out of hospital.  I’ve gone through a period where my Mum was in hospital for a long period and understand how difficult this is for everyone.  Hopefully she can continue to make progress back at home.

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