4 Weeks to go

Odd sort of week, my foot has been quite painful at times, but this is partly due to putting weight on. I can not really believe I have put on 4 pounds in a week!!!

I have only managed 4 runs this week (so I really need a big week next week), on two occasions the 6 and bit k run down to Clayton West. The first was not too bad Click Here the pace was 6:10/km the second a lot slower at 6:40/km Check It Out

On Good Friday I did two laps of the Scissett Triathlon run route which I really enjoy, it was the first run I went out in a t-shirt for. Check out the run on Strava. This is a great little loop including some off road country running. On the second lap I got held up and the path was blocked by a pack of hounds.

On Easter Sunday I did a short run before lunch, which was a 5k circular Flockton Run on Strava

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