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Breakthrough training sessions

Last week Paul posted in a great week of training.  The highlight was of course, knocking 1:30 off his PB at the Lincoln Park Run.  What pleased me most was the psychological breakthrough this represented.  The analogy I gave Paul when we last spoke was Roger Bannister breaking the 4 minute mile for the first time in 1954.  Many had tried before Bannister’s attempt but there was a common belief the 4 minute mile couldn’t be done. Once this barrier was broken only 46 days later New Zealander John Landy broke Banisters record and others quickly followed suit.  It is remarkable what we can achieve in running if we believe it’s possible.

‘Knowing’ how to run quicker means you can repeat the feat.  If you plateau in your running and feel you’re no longer improving, try Paul’s trick.  Choose a low key race, go super hard at the beginning and hanging on till the end.  5km Park Runs are perfect for breakthrough runs.

This week’s training focus

The goal this week is to complete at least 5 training runs.  It would be good to use the WATT bike to warm up for 15 minutes before some of the runs.  This way Paul can get in some extra training time and some make the sessions more triathlon specific. Trying to fit this into a busy schedule will be the challenge.  I’ve asked Paul to run at his anticipated marathon pace for substantial parts of his longer runs to get used to running at this speed.

John Disley co-founder of the London Marathon died recently

To finish this blog I’d like to pay tribute to John Disley a contemporary of Roger Banister.  Disley co-founded the London Marathon with Chris Brasher in 1981.  (Brasher had been one of the pacers for Bannister in the 4 minute mile attempt). Without these remarkable, farsighted athletes, breaking down barriers to get the London Marathon on the calendar, Paul wouldn’t have a date with destiny in a few weeks’ time.

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