Lincoln park run PB, 1m 30sec faster than two weeks ago. I consciously pushed myself a little harder than normal, I spent 14% of the time in Zone 4 Threshold and 4% in Zone 5 so clearly a long way to go on pushing myself. Dave, what percentage of time should I spend @ Threshold?

If you have never done a Park Run you should give it a go, local timed 5K runs which are amazingly friendly, inspirational and FREE check it out @ parkrun.org.uk 

One thought on “Yippee…

  1. Excellent run. The goal was simply to push yourself beyond comfortable. To reprogrammed your ‘central governor’. You’ve done it. This opens up new possibilities. You should be able to hold threshold for most of a short race

    I’m really pleased with this. Celebrate tonight but only with sparkling water and a stick of celery.

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