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I’m not sure how Paul finds the time to train with all his work and family commitments, but he does.

If Paul can find time to train, you can find time to train.

Our aim is to establish a routine in his training as far as we can. If you do training sessions at the same time each week then it makes it easier to keep to your programme. Paul can be flying off to distance parts of the globe but can still try to stick to his routine. It’s not always possible but if he misses the odd session it’s not the end of the world. Getting fit and staying healthy is a lifetime pursuit not a passing fad. If you want to be fit enough to attempt whatever challenge comes your way. Build your training routine.

This week’s training focus

Daniel's Running FormulaAs we approach the last few weeks training before London the focus is on speeding up Paul’s running. We know he can run the distance but we want to find out how fast he can cover the 26 mile 385 yards. This week is about easy runs of varying lengths but with some marathon paced running once he is warmed up. We’re currently using Jack Daniels (not the whisky) as our pace guide. Paul has a long run to do next weekend with the middle hour at marathon pace.

Hopefully Paul can lay off the cake and pies this week to allow his body to increase his power to weight ratio. His girls have been recruited to keep an eye on things. Getting friends and family to help you stick to sensible eating is a great support if this is your goal.

Why 26 miles 385 yards?

This is the distance from the east wing of Windsor Castle to the Royal Box in the now demolished Olympic Stadium located in Shepherd’s Bush East London in 1908. You’re lucky they went the short way!

More info can be found on Dave training website

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